As well as holding "runs" every other Saturday throughout the year, we are hoping and planning to have special events, for special people like you:

Date Event Comments
20th August Dachauer Volksfest (Run 824)

Two tables have been reserved after the run:


  • €25 for two Maß and food
  • €4 for the run

Like to come? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll get payment details.

23-25th September Oktoberfest Beer, hashing and more beer
26th Sepbember 30th Birthday of the MH3

That's right, the Munich Hash House Harriers will be 30 years old. We'll be celebrating.

There'll also be a special T-Shirt.

If you're coming over for the Oktoberfest then make sure you can stay for the Monday as well.

29th October World Peace Through Beer  Hoping to finally win the Nobel Peace Prize


Obviously all these events are at the mercy of the pandemic.