The 10th German hash-a-thon

Below are the details for the 2024 Hash-a-thon

When: Saturday 10th August 2024  

Where: Hallerstein, Ober-Franken (Map)

Cost:  €40  (Includes Camp fees, Saturday breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Saturday drinks)

This is the 10th Hash-a-thon, so by now you should all know what this is.

Camping Friday to Sunday


  • 4 Kennels
  • 4 Hares 
  • 4 trails.  

All done one after the other during the day with a short circle between each one.

If you do all 4 trails, you should (in theory) have achieved 42km of trail. But you can do 1, 2 or 3 trails..  it's totally up to you. 

You could also just come along for the enjoyment of it, not leave camp and have a great weekend with us.

There is a Facebook group set up to start things off and this will be updated when needed, but all final details will be sent out over email as well: Facebook

And now you have read this low, here is the rego form: Rego Page