Give us a B: BEEEEEEE

Give us an N: ENNNNNN

Give us an H: AITCHHHH
What does that spell?
It spells BNH
What does it need? Hashers!
Yes we need you to join us for this year's Bayern Nash Hash!
We have dates, we have all the Munich kennels, we have hares, we are even th*nking about hab, we just need hashers to join us:
  • Friday, 19th July 7pm Munich Full Moon H3 hares: Betty Boop and B..M..W..
  • Saturday, 20th July 1 pm Munich H3. Hares: Cheshire Tiger and Bottom Blower – this will be in Waldfest in Tegernsee
  • Sunday, 21st July time t.b.c M.A.S.S. Hares: Asskey and Birkencock
These are pay-as-you-go events, i.e. €5 per hash to be paid to the corresponding hash cash, but we need you to sign-up (so we don't run out of beer).
The sign-up also asks if you need crash space.
See you there
on on
Bottom Blower
30.05.24 - we swapped Saturday and Sunday runs so it would be easier for visitors.