HHHi Munich Hashers,

here is a smallish review of what the Munich hashers got up to (most of it in their own homes) during the lost year

Well it started well enough, in January we were part of the world hashing event on on for Oz and raised EUR 325,00 which went towards the bush fire charities and received an awesome patch. In fact the hashers collectively raised more than Aus $ 30.000

February some lucky hashers were awarded medals for their achievements in 2019 and we also gained a brand new MisManagement, well some fresh blood, Golden Pedicure joined us for the first time as hash sex, Comes in Handy and Not in this Cult returned as Web Master and RA respectively. Birdbrian had the new position of Hare Razor, Last Koch Standing remained haberdasher, Poor me, water! Carried on being song mistress, Bottom Blower stayed on as hash cash and won the new position of GM and Speedo Gonzales stayed Biermeister for the 15th? Time. We had so many ideas and events planned and I as GM as well as the MisMangement were gutted not to be able to start any of those event circles.

In March we started working on our Covid Guidelines, you know the information that is probably more update than most of the stuff you can find on the net, oh and we also gained a twitter account and you will always know how the weather is outside. Towards the end of the year Comes in Handy was finally allowed to obtain the .beer domain. Yes we have the sexy new website address of www.mh3.beer In March we had a naming, Alarm Cock (ask him how he got his name) and also our last hash for a few months

In March the corona virus put the house back into hashing, as we created the Munich H2 s(H)it or Munich Hash House s(Harriers)it. This is Last Koch Standings brainwave and thanks to him and Zoom meetings it was great seeing former Munich hashers like Butthead, Jacking Jill and Bush Gardens, and we were always pleased to see when Dirty White Goth Whore joined us. Instead of trail we found ourselves doing virtual trails, quizzes, bimbo one naming and even our own Hashivision (Germany won) it was a great way to keep in touch and keep our sanity, even if we did look like a bunch of muppets on screen

The MisMangement's utmost priority was to stay safe. Thankfully we were sensible enough to stay home and keep out of covid's way. I am proud to say our team did a good job supporting each other and keeping each others backs

June was our first live hash again, put together by Debbie does Frankfurters and BrokeBack MountMe, they laid a trail and we had a few days to run it, since the hares had a crate of beer at their house and the trail ended near there we joined them for a pre circle drink, the circle was a zoom one. I must say hashers do know how to behave during zoom circles, same as normal circles where you put your beer on your head (who said head) and waited for the RA's attention.

Then Not in this Cult laid our next post lock down trail with us all running together, including visitor Likk'mm, Speedo Gonzales had a great time marking our two circles making sure we were 1,5 meters apart, we had laminated signs, our own snack bags and of course THE Covid-19 guidelines. Even ended up in a Biergarten. Hashing took off and we even had a few virgins in 2020 with Just Antonio coming back 9 times (I will publish the run counts in a later email)

With this in mind MisManagement started planning the NOktoberfest, as it was clear by then Oktoberfest was cancelled. The Sphincter worked hard designing the NOktoberfest t-shirt which was such a success we place another two orders after the initial first one. Since it seemed popular we started discussing three trails three circles three on afters and all we got was a t-shirt commemorating something that never took place.

We did carry on hashing though, we ran, we drank beer at our drink stop which turned into a circle and we had longer circles at home via zoom. At the World Peace Through Beer we actually received our patches at the run and special guest Pokemon joined us. We also started at set times so we wouldn't be running as a pack, um that was sort of a success. The drink stop didn't prove it though, we might have been a few more hashers then allowed. One milestone we achieved was the 777 Jackpot run, did you hit the jackpot?

The next lock down was announced, being outside was allowed but traveling without a necessary reason wasn't (hashing IS a necessity) and Not in this Cult ended the year with a scavenger hunt, it was a great idea and I hope we keep up the ideas and hashing in 2021

Stay safe, healthy and keep on drinking beer

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Bottom Blower GM 2020