Will the mis-management of the Munich Hash House Harriers finally get things right? Unlikely considering the following message from our GM:

"During the circle after run 809 we had a quick reerection, as Last Koch Standing said, it was so cold his outie almost became an innie.
So here is your new MisMangement 2022
  • Grand Mistress - Bottom Blower
  • RA - Not in this Cult
  • Biermeister - Speedo Gonzales
  • Hare Razor - Birdbrian
  • Sing Mistress - Poor me, water!
  • Web Meister - Comes in Handy
  • Hash Sec - Golden Pedicure
  • Hash Cash - Bottom Blower
and we have a brand new Haberdasher
here's ..
  • Squirrel Style!!!
Thanks Last Koch Standing for the work you put in the last couple of years
We hope to be able to dress you up this year with all the events we want to happen
on on
Bottom Blower"