Message from the outgoing GM:

"The good news is I will now stop bugging your for nominations as the votes have been counted

Your new MisMangement 2023

GM - Gay Sailor
Hare Razor - Debbie does Frankfurters
Biermeister - Birdbrian
RA - Not in this Cult
RB -  Comes in Handy
Haberdasher - Squirrel Style
Song Mistress - Mother fucking Teresa
Web Meisters - Comes in Handy and Ring my Pussy
Hash Sex - Golden Pedicure
Hash Cash - Bottom Blower

It was an honour being GA for the last three years and I am very happy to hand over the reigns to Gay Sailor

Also a big thanks to Speedo for being the longest reigning biermeister we have ever known in Munich, enjoy your rest and buy a new car!

on on

Bottom Blower"