Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we have suspended our hashing activities. Stay indoors, stay healthy and subscribe to our feeds (mailing list, Twitter, Facebook etc) to learn when we are back in action.

When: When we can play again (click to download calendar file for this event)
Time: 15:00 (3p.m.)
Where: Details coming soon
Co-ordinates: Details coming soon
Public transport: Details coming soon
On-after: Details coming soon
Type of run: Details coming soon

We meet up at the location above, after a briefing on the trail we set off for a run, jog or walk. We'll have a drink stop during the trail and a few more drinks at the end.

Afterwards we'll go to a nearby restaurant, so bring a change of clothing which you can leave in our "bag car".

Remember to bring a mug - either one awarded to you for completing runs, or your own mug which can carry up to a pint (half a litre).