By now you will all need some fresh air and exercise. Don't shake your heads, you clearly do.

So this coming weekend - starting Thursday afternoon - there will be a special post-lockdown trail. 

It's a trail which you run (or walk) at your leisure between the afternoons of Thursday and Saturday.

And then there'll be a virtual circle held on-line.

Our hares are even going to provide, and maintain, a drinks stop for you.

Here are the details:

When: between the afternoon of Thursday 11th of June and the afternoon of Saturday 13th
Where: Wilhelm-Zwölfer-Straße 23, near Karlsfeld S-bahn. Take the exit from the back of the train (assuming you're on the train from central Munich) and turn left into the tunnel which takes you onto the street. Turn right and walk down the street.
Co-ordinates: 48°12'31.7"N 11°27'45.0"E (Google maps)
Public transport: S2 to Karlsfeld S-bahn
On-after: there will be a Zoom group on-line meeting starting at 5pm on Saturday. Register on Facebook or Meetup (or respond to the MH3 yahoo mail group) to get the details.

This is the first "run" of the MH3 since the pandemic restrictions were put in place.

So, it will be a little bit different:

Between Thursday and Saturday afternoons run or walk along the trail marked with flour, maintaining social distancing.

The trail will be maintained during this time by the hares so you should still be able to follow it.

Drink stop: There will also be a drink stop which will be checked and replenished daily. Details of its location (it will be well hidden) will be given on our private media (Facebook group, Yahoo group).

Also - if you are especially thirsty at the end you can have a drink with the hares, who live nearby if they are in - send them a message.

Some suggestions:

  • Use Strava to record your run and add it to the Strava Munich H3 group.
  • Take some photos for the RA to review during the Zoom circle on Saturday

Costs: €4 - even though we haven't been running, our website has. And you still get an engraved mug when you've completed a certain number of runs.

Please sign up (on Meetup or Facebook) and we will send you payment details.