You asked for it, you've got it ... the current list of hashers who are coming to the Oktoberfest (except for those who didn't want their attendance publicised):


Wild and crazy hashers who are confirmed for the tent

All I need is cock Rotten Groton H3
Ambidixtrous Long Beach H3
Anal Thriller CH3
Ass Packet DBH3
Balls Deep Bella Napoli H3
Biggus Dickus BMPH3
Birdbrian Munich H3
Bitterbollen Bugger MH3
Blue balls matter Boston H3
Booty Hunter Pool H3
Bottom Blower Munich H3
bull's eye China Hash
Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
Chlamydia Chlamydia Chlamydia Munich H3
Circle Blow dH3
Cosmo Tacoma H3
Cumie Sticks Beantown (Boston)
Cunning Linguist Gothenburg H3
Czech my cactus Munich
Dirty Deeds GH3
Dirty White Goth Whore Munich H3 <3
Double Wide Whiskey Dick Rotten Groton H3
EZ Lay Nürrnberg
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Gay Sailor Munich
Goat Throat Boston H3
Groin Biter MERMAID H3
Haribelow ex Munich but returning
Heinz 69 Rotten Groton H3
It’s The Claaaw San Francisco H3
Jezebel Nürnberg
Just Eric Ch3
Just Kate CH3
Just Michelle Ch3
Just Peter Munich
Just Robbie Upstate H3
Just Sam Munich
Just Sasha San Francisco H3
Just Sofia MH3
Just Val München
Krusty the Meat Miser Friendly Toast H3
Marshy Marshy Marshy Tbh3
Minor 69er San Francisco H3
Missionary I'm Possible Stuttgart H3
Moose Diver Schaffhausen H3
Mother Fucking Teresa Munich H3
Mouth Queef RENO H3
Mrs Moose Schaffhausen H3
Octopussme Reno H3
Ole Hump Rotten Groton H3
Only cums in Munich Munich
Orgasm Famine Boston H3
Pecker Shaker The Hague Hash
Philly Cheese Dick Rotten Groton H3
Phony the tiger Vdh3
Pink Lady Munich H3
Pink-n-Stink Upstate H3(Greenville,SC)
Pleasure Slab Lehigh Valley PA
Po-Po Peepshow Boston H3
Puker Blooper Beantown H3
Red Hot Vagina San Francisco H3
Rol-A-Dix Anchorage Alaska
Running Nuts GH3 ( Gothenburg Hash House Harriers)
Shart of Darkness Boston H3
Shut up & bend over Munich full moon
Slim Prickens Ch3
SpeedoGonzales MH3
Splash Gordon A2H3 (Anchorage Alaska)
Squirrel Style MunichH3
TailGate Bern
Tounge’s the Bone TBH3
trailhead sembach h3
Veni Vidi Vittu Gothenburg H3
Virgin Leanne N/A sponsored by Splash Gordon
Von wonderboom Vicenza derelicts h3
Wet on Porpoise Munich of course!!
Wet&Ready Zürich H3
Yoron Weed Stuttgart H3


Wild and crazy hashers who are on the waiting list for the tent

Yellow Dick Gnome Boston H3
Canada wet Zh3
FireThighs Munich H3
Elbows Deep SouthSide H3
Just Oeystein Boston
Licky Martin SMH3
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
You say Penis, I say Potawto Sembach h3
DeLierium The Hague H3
German Dungeon Porn Frankfurt H3
HelloKittyFucker Stuttgart H3
Just Dan Stuttgart
Seven Year Itch CH3 Capital Hash House Harriers, Delhi, India
Backdoor Steward BMPH3



Boring (not going to the tent) but at least have paid 

AC/DC Munich H3
Billy Boy Mh3
Comes In Handy MH3
E = I'm A Douche Eager 4 Beaver H3
Lifa Chicago H3
Loose Nutz Munich H3
Not in this Cult Munich H3
Poor me water! Munich H3
Too lazy to swallow Frankfurt H3

 Boring and won't be going to the tent if they get around to paying

GoneFlat Munich H3
Gp Mh3
Last Koch Standing MH3
Wouldn’t Chew Hamburg H7 and DIVAH3