... to our Oktoberfest event (updated 22/07/24)

Below is a list of true-believing half-minds who have signed up for our Oktoberfest 2024 extravaganza.

Note that this includes hashers who: are going to the tent, aren't going to the tent, haven't paid yet or are on the wait-list. Obviously it doesn't include hashers who have indicated that they want it to be a lovely surprise when you see them at the event. Over the coming weeks we'll get a bit more granular (e.g. who is going into the tent, who has paid, who likes it long and hard etc.). 

Hasher Home Hash
42 ozs of Wait What Sembach H3
American Express Key West H3
Baggy Snatch Munich H3
Baby Crack Whore  Long Beach H3
Beer Bra  Homeless H3
Biggus Dickus BMPH3
Birdbrian Munich H3
Body of desire  Panamá / Nürnberg
BooBoo Mermaid HHH
Booty Hunter Pool H3
Bottom Blower  Munich H3
Bush Gardens Munich H3
Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
Canada wet Zurich H3
Cheddar Knob Aare Switzerland 
Cheshire Tiger Munich H3
Choosy moms CCH3
Coitus Interruptus  SEMBAAAACH!!!
Comes In Handy Munich H3
Cornman on the Cob Rota 3 Kings
Cuban Dicktaker  Nuremberg H3
Debbie Does Frankfurters Munich H3
Dehli Belly Ottawa
DesignaVagina Zurich H3
Dick In My Ass Makes Me Gay Atomic Shit Show H3
Dirty White Goth Whore Munich H3
Doggy Paddler Oxford
Floppy Dicks Wandering Whore H3
For Sale or Rent  White House/Great Falls H3
Gay Sailor 🌈⚓ Munich H3
Gluhfox below standards Berlin H3
Gp Munich H3
Great Balls of Fire Munich h3
Groiny  Mermaid HHH
Half Monty Munich H3
Have You Blown My Stapler? White House H3
Hendl My Cock Munich H3
Hummingbird  Fribourg 
I Cum in the Land Down Under Charm City H3
Just Breanna  
Jacking Jill Munich H3
Joy Stick Vindobona H3
Just Chelsea  
Just Hemy Munich H3
Just Lacy None
Just Seb Munich H3
Last Koch Standing Munich H3
Lifa Chicago H3
Limp Wrist Berlin H3
Lone Moaner Stuttgart H3
Longshanks  Hamburg H7
Low Profile  Bad Habits H3
Maß Homeless H3
MOTEL 6 INCHES  Tidewater H3
Mother Fucking Teresa Munich H3
Only cums in Munich  Munich H3
Only fan rooms Aloha H3
Pecker Shaker Hague Hash House Harriers
Phony the tiger Vicenza Derelicts
Pico de Gayo White House H3
Piss Spice Munich H3
Pleasure Slab Lehigh Valley PA - USA
Poor me, water! Munich H3
Putin My Sister Sembach H3
Rainbone Munich H3
Rainbow Warrior Nuremberg H3
Red Blood Gives You Wings!! A2H3
Reverse Bogart Kiss My H3 San Antonio
Rojo Hammer Toe  Aurora H3
Rol-A-Dix  Anchorage AK H3
Rooty Tooth Tore My Booty Rota 3 Kings
Shot to the Twat B.i.T.CH H3
Shut up & Bend over Munich Full Moon H3
Smartarse Monkey Hangers Hartlepool H3
Sour Dough Start-Her Munich H3
SpeedoGonzales Munich H3
Spiderman Århus C
Squirrel Style  Munich H3
STD Corona H3
Stiffy for Stiffies Chicago H3
Stunt Boobs Hogtown H3
Swans Frankfurt H3
Swamp Gravy Hedo2 Hash House Harriers
Symphomaniac  Berlin H3
TailGate  Bern H3
Takes 3 2 Make Me Cum Sembach H3
Teachers Pet Sembach H3
Tile Surfer Stuttgart H3
Tits Ahoy Long Beach California LBH3
Too lazy to swallow  Frankfurt H3
Trippin' Curry Goody Two-Shoes Etna H3
Tunnel of Love Sembach H3
Unholy Nipples A2H3
Veni vidi vittu  Gothenburg H3 
Victoria’s Secret Vindobona H3
Virgin Erika (via Rol-A-Dix) Anchorage 
Walkie Talkie  Rutland HHH
wee willie wanker dch3
Wet on porpoise Munich H3
World Wide Whore Sembach H3
Wouldn’t Chew Hamburg H7
XL The Hague Hash
Yoron Weed  Stuttgart H3