Earlier this year I, Comes in Handy, had the honour of being erected as this year's Webmeister for the Munich Hash House Harriers. I could see it as an appreciation of my dedication to this kennel but actually no-one else could be bothered to stand. I secured precisely zero votes and therefore walked it.

Well done me!

Since then, this is what I've done:

  • Created a Twitter account. It's 2020 so several years after "about time". By now everyone should be following @MunichH3. At the time of writing (end of March) we have eight followers. Including me. Nevertheless it could be useful for sending last minute updates: "The underground is buggered, try this alternative route to the hash". Or "Oktoberfest rego is now ready". Or more realistically "Oktoberfest rego is not ready due to the pandemic".
  • Implemented a Twitter feed into the front page. For those for whom 2020 will never happen they can read our last minute updates on the web site, on the right side column (gutter). You don't have to refresh the page to get the latest tweet, it just appears, somehow.
  • Below this Twitter feed there's a view of the weather in Munich. You will have to refresh the page to get the latest reading. Useful? Very, if you don't like looking out of your window.
  • I've moved the login form to another page and have also removed nearly all the login accounts. Most seem to have been created by bots, not by people with a genuine interest in hashing in Munich. You can no longer create your own account but have to contact me. I took these actions to reduce the risk of naughty behaviour (SQL injections, DDOS, um ... other naughty stuff I have no idea about).
  • There's now an FAQ page.
  • And a mismanagement page.
  • To comply with the requirements for German websites there's now an Impressum. Can't be arsed to link to that here.
  • The menu structure is in the process of being re-structured. I would have used my experience and training in UX in this matter but I don't have any. Should you know this stuff feel free to let me know how to make the site better. In particular I want it to be reactive so that all types of devices can view it appropriately. It is, after all, 2020 and therefore a mobile-first world.
  • Depending upon your browser you may see a tiny, shitty yellow smudge on your tab for this site. That's the favicon of our hash logo reduced to a useless size. Totally worth the effort.
  • With Last Koch Standing I "designed" and acquired business cards. So now when people ask what the hell are we doing we can give them a card and see if they come along. Or call the police. Or both.
  • Oh yes and this blog! It will include rehashes and if you would like to contribute then let me know.