The Munich Hash House Harriers welcomes responsible debauchery so your participation implies everything you do is at your own risk and you accept the following:


The Munich Hash House Harriers is a loosely organised group of "half-minds" who like to run, jog and walk and drink beer and other drinks.

Events are also loosely organised and are not for profit.

As we run across differing terrains (streets, roads, paths, fields, through forests etc.) there is always a risk of injury.

You agree to accept this risk and not hold anyone associated with the Munich Hash House Harriers liable for any injury or loss.

For special events (such as the Oktoberfest, Bayern Nash Hash etc.) there is always the risk that things go wrong (for example, cancellation due to security concerns, problems with public transport, etc.).

Again you agree not to hold us liable.

In addition although the Religious Advisor is responsible for the weather the liability is limited to drinking at most one mug of beer. You agree to this.

It should be mentioned that if you try to force a legal remedy then as well as being a bad sport and disgraceful hasher you won't get far - none of us are rich.



You agree to abide by the following:

  • Don't do anything (running, going up hills etc.) beyond your limits when on the trail.
  • Don't drink beyond your limits.
  • Look out for your fellow hashers - if they are having problems on the trail, keep an eye on them. If they have drank too much keep an eye on them - or mention it to someone who knows them. If someone is hassling them, again keep an eye on the situation.
  • Don't get into fights - in Germany even a slight altercation will lead to police involvement.
  • Do not sexually harass anyone - if anyone is not comfortable with your amorous approaches then stop. Also look out for any hashers being harassed.
  • Do not bring or use drugs at our events and do not give them to unsuspecting people.
  • Understand that our humour can be quite harsh - we don't do political correctness - but if someone is clearly upset then ease up.


  • You accept these Disclaimers and Conducts - even though they are not written in a typical legal style. If you are tempted to look for loopholes or not abide by the spirit of these then our group is not for you, please don't come.
  • In addition to having read and agreed to all of the above you also agree to have a great time!