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a new Comes in Handy registration form to fill out for

Although the registrations and payments for the tent is complete you can still sign up for the rest of the event and also for the waiting list for the tent.


We will be offering you a Friday 23rd September night run, circle and meal with a goodie bag containing a t-shirt designed by the Sphincter – remember the NOktoberfest t.shirt? Well it won't be that one, and a commemorative patch plus a few other bits and pieces.

Saturday 24th September will be an early start for a run in Munich's countryside, followed by lunch and circle, and once your have lined your stomachs is off to the Oktoberfest, you will have received your entrance tickets plus food and two mass (one mass is a litre of beer) on Friday night.

Sunday 25th September in a sight seeing, red dress hangover run – your donation is part of your registration, after the run there will be lunch, world famous long circle and maybe go to the fest again.

Monday 26th September is Munich H3 30th Birthday, I am pretty sure we will know what we will be doing by then 

Please note only a paid rego counts as registered, you will receive an email from Hash Cash with payment details, oh and your GM will be going to the DIVA weekend end so once again please put your well used patience in practice again.

Yes this includes entrance to the Oktoberfest tent (EUR 160).

Yes you can sign up for hash only (no tent on Saturday) EUR 105.

Yes you can order the Sphincter designed 30th birthday t-shirt (costs include shipment) EUR 25.


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Finally I get to do what I wanted to do when I signed up to be GM

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