What on Earth?

The Munich Hash House Harriers is a social running group - a "drinking club with a running problem".

How often do you meet?

We normally meet every other Saturday at either 1500 (during winter time) or 1700 (when there's more daylight).

What happens during a typical meet?

Usually ...

  • once we've gathered we have a briefing on the "run", including walkers' trail
  • all together we commence running, jogging, stumbling or walking, following a trail laid with flour
  • around half-way we'll stop and be provided with drinks: typically beer or schnapps
  • at the end of the run we have a few beers or other drink and some snacks
  • and then we go to a nearby restaurant.

But I don't run

I don't blame you. We cater for walkers as well, and for those with buggies.

Actually, I can run a bit

Good for you. Our runs are set up so that whether you are very slow, or very fast, you won't feel left out.

To be honest, I'm an elite, long-distance runner

We have a term for people like that. In that case think of it as a nice, pleasant jog because ...

Just how long are your runs?

Normally between eight and 12 kilometers. It depends on who is setting the trail.

Where do you "run"?

Nearly always within the MVV (Munich transport system). Sometimes in the city, sometimes in the countryside. Sometimes both.

What if it's raining?

We're hashers. We always "run". Sure, check the weather to decide what to wear but there is no excuse not to come.

What if there is a zombie apocalypse/nuclear war?

We're hashers. We always "run". In fact, Augustiner Helles has been scientifically proven to guard against zombie bites and radiation sickness[citation needed].

If you're not afraid of nuclear war, zombies or rain then Coronavirus?

We're hashers. We always "run" - though it may involve running alone by ourselves, independently of the Hash, keeping a two metre distance away from others. Not ever washing helps with this. Or we might use some online virtual Hash solution. Although it is unlikely that the super-fit and healthy hashers would succumb to the disease it is possible that we could carry the virus without knowing and pass it on to lesser mortals. So keep an eye on our front page or Twitter account to see if we're meeting up or not.

Welche Sprache benutzen Sie?/Quelle langue utilisez-vous ?/Какой язык вы используете?

I'm sorry I didn't quite get that. Could you say it again, please? In English. I said "IN ENGLISH". DO ... YOU ... SPEAK ... ENGLISH?

How much does this cost?

Normal "runs" cost €5. For that you get a good supply of fine beer (and other drinks) plus snacks.

We're happy with cash but even happier (because of Covid) if you transfer €5 to our PayPal account, munich.hashcash@mh3.beer - do this when you are approached by our Hashcash before or after the run.

You say "normal runs" - does that mean you have abnormal runs?

Oh yes, including a three day (four if you include the Full Moon H3) event during the Oktoberfest. About 100 people from around the world turn up.

Keep an eye on this website for this and other events and associated registration details.

But I don't drink beer

Then don't. We have other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks because ...

But I don't drink alcohol

 ... we've had (have) people who don't drink alcohol.

And if you are gluten-free/a hipster/actually have Celiac Disease let us know, we've sourced appropriate beer before.

How should I dress?

Obviously in running clothes if you are running. Our runs (and walks) tend to go off normal paths so don't wear things which you really don't want to get muddy at all.

It's a good idea to bring a change of clothes for the restaurant. We have a bag car in which you can leave them before the run starts.

Is it suitable for children?

It's adult focussed and some of the jokes and words used are a bit indelicate. But we have had children attending and none of them have turned out to be delinquent ... yet.

Note that none of us is going to take responsibility for them. We're (sometimes) drunk runners, not day-care. 

Are you dog-friendly?

Yes - we often have dogs walk or even run with us.

What's with the strange names you have?

It may have been that early military hashes wanted to break down the divide between the officers and other ranks. So they "cloaked" their identities using these pseudonymes.

Or it could be that people just got drunk and started calling each other names and these stuck. Historians are divided on this matter.

Wait, "historians"? So what is the history behind all this?

It all started in Kuala Lumpur before the Second World War. By some British soldiers and expats who - surprise - wanted an(other) excuse to drink beer.

After the War it spread all around the world and is actually quite a large community.

There's been some genealogy conducted and the Munich Hash House Harrires can trace its ancestry four generations back to Kuala Lumpur.

I'm a police officer/hippy - so this hashing means ...?

Afraid not officer/duuude. The "Hash House" was a place in Kuala Lumpur where the founders met and had rather terrible food. Hence the term "hash". Just like you can have "hash browns".

As a very loosely organised group, locally and globally, we don't have a view on the use of hashish.  Our "official" drug is alcohol - beer to be precise. Obviously some hashers will use prohibited drugs - and it would explain a lot - but it's not something you are likely to see at one of our events. Germany prohibits most if not all fun drugs and we do not want to get into trouble with the authorities.  So, when you come expect nothing stronger than - at most - 70% proof vodka.

(As part of our disclaimer and conduct we actually expect you not to bring drugs to our events).

What if Saturdays don't work for me? Or I can't get enough of this hashing thing? Or I have been diagnosed with the ancient conditions of Lunacy or Lycanthropy?

The Munich Full Moon Hash House Harriers meet once a month - on a Friday - nearest to the full moon. They are included on our run list but it should be noted that they are a completely different hash. Any similarity between membership, how we run, or our customs are purely co-incidental. 

If you have been diagnosed with Lunacy I suggest you find a new psychiatrist, one who is familiar with the DSM 5.

If you have been diagnosed with Lycanthropy I suggest you find a new vet.

This all sounds utterly ridiculous. I'm in! How do I join?

If you use meetup.com you'll find our events there and you can sign up to them. You can just come along to an event but during these times of pandemic we would really appreciate it if you would let us know in advance (by email or whatever).

Hope to see you soon!