It takes a lot of intelligence, creativity and organisational skills to run (or "mis-manage" as we call it) a group like this.

But unfortunately the following were chosen for this year's (2024) mis-management:

Title Held by Responsibility
Grand Mattress Bottom Blower This and that, but mainly that. Nominal head of our hash.
Biermeister Birkencock Ensuring we have enough beer. And that it's cold but not too cold.
Religous Advisor

Comes In Handy

(RB Baggysnatch)

The weather.
Hare Razor Ass Key Press-ganging hashers into haring (laying trail).
Song Mistress Birdbrain Leading us in any songs that may be sung, and maintaining an archive of these songs.
Hash Cash Bottom Blower

Financial management of hash related activities: Cayman Island bank accounts, money laundering ... the usual CFO stuff.

Hash Sex Cheshire Tiger

Setting up meetings, writing minutes, ensuring tasks get done ... the engine of the mis-management if it was a clown car.


Comes In Handy

Social media malarky.
Haberdasher Mother Fucking Teresa Ensuring the Munich Hash House Harriers maintain their pre-eminence in the fashion world.