Rehash 767, 11th July 2020 Pullach part 1 RA Comes in Handy, scribe Bottom Blower

(Part 2 will be of course the re-hash from RA Not in this Cults's circle)

Hares R U Ass Putin and Pussy Riot

One of the questions in the quiz (see Munich h2 s(H)it no 8) was where is the Star wars book? Speedo Gonzales had it, thinking it was full but there are enough pages for the next few months of hashing, if Bottom Blower brings the book back

Anyway enough of my drivel on with important stuff like who got down downs and why

A good group of hashers turned up for the hares R U AssPutin and Pussy Riot's run.

Including visitors from Stuttgart, Blue Moon and Shut Up and a visitor Noah's Arse from Zurich. We also had Speedo Gonzales, KumaYuda, Birdbrian, Comes in Handy, Just Dani, Just Tom, Not in this Cult, Poor me, water!, Beaver Pumper, Shut up and Bend Over, Loose Nutz, B..M..W.., Betty Boop, Anal Weiss, Just Robert and Bottom Blower.

I can only tell you the walkers trail was pretty with stagnant lakes and horses, yes we did see horses on trail.

Drink stop was soon drank and off the runners went to Speedo's carefully prepared circles, yes we had two circles because we can.

The hashers were divided into the witty, good looking and just awesome hashers and the riff raff were of course in the other circle

So the hares were in fist, we had R U AssPutin and comments were like shitty trail, too long, too short could have better looking hares and first down down went to him.

Visitor was Noah's Arse, Anal Weiss made her come, she started with the Zurich Hash and is now living in Munich, so we might see more of her.

Back Sliders were Just Dani and Just Tom.

Speedo sang a song then rebounded himself as he didn't realise Poor me, water! Was in our circle.

GM Bottom Blower got the run number wrong,

Poor me, water! Needed a beer

DFL was Comes in Handy

Noah's Arse and Just Tom were not wearing hash geer

Didn't sign up Just Tom, Noah's Arse and Beaver Pumper

“We were promised horses” but there were non on the runners trail, another down down for the hare

He stayed in for the O X O trail or was it X O X

Comes in Handy is patiently waiting for his Bayern Nash Hash t-shirt from 2017, Bottom Blower still hasn't done it

So whilst reading this please be quiet for a few seconds. Could you hear Beaver Pumer? No. Nor could we whilst on trail and in the circle, down down for him.

Over achiever is Poor me, water! She intends on getting up at 4 tomorrow, take the tain to Hannover, hash there and then return the some day, just for a Corona Patch (which she finally received)

Hare needed a down down just because

P.O.T Speedo and Just Dani

Noah's Arse had to fuck off

Beaver Pumper was one handen pumping

Biermeister got himself a new beer, so R U AssPutin drank with him

At the drink stop there was not social distancing and the hare used his fingers for something (Pussy Riot) so our hare drank

Just Dani had the choice of drink or nominate, she said she would take option B both times, also wanted a long song so we sang Jesus Saves for her.

Beaver Pumper was at it again (no wonder he is so quiet) another down down

Dogs on lead down down was drunk by Speedo, and since the Biermeister doesn't drink alone we all joined him

RA did a good job with the weather so deserved his down down

All the french went in and just after we started singing the other circle sang exactly the same song as us. Actually they were very quiet, probably didn't have much to say.

Of course our RA, Comes in Handy received a down down for being as awesome as he usually is

Bottom Blower was a late comer and a wanker.

For once the other circle started singing before we did so we sand the men's version of swing low then went to the Biergarten.


Next hash will be on the 25th July in FFB, this will be lead by two virgin hares, Just Dani and Just Tom, it seems that most of the MisManagement can't make it, which is a real shame as I like supporting first timers so if you can make it please do.


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