Hares: Just Dani and Just Tom

Hounds: Comes in Handy, Likkum, Kuma Yuda, Just Matthew, Just Darren, Debbie Does Frankfurters, Beaver Pumper, Broke Back Mount Me, Pussy Riot, Goat F*cker, Half Monty, Baggy Snatch, Birdbrian

We set off through the barren wastelands of Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), but suddenly we were on some lovely tree covered paths overlooking the town, and then suddenly an Abbey.   There were some nice wedding photos being taken in the courtyard while we sang them a nice song as condolences. 
Off we went to the handstand stop, where Half Monty showed his prowess in handstands.  Beaver Pumper and Just Dani were also very proficient with handstands, if you took the photo at the correct moment.    Then we exited the Abbey, no one stayed to join the church this time. 

Off we went through the forest, over bridges, always dangerously close to the rushing waters of the Amper, until we came to the perfect swim stop.  And swim we did.  Not sure but I think there was a synchronized swimming competition going on.  Oh what fun we had, until Kuma Yuda took his shorts off. With exposure to the full moon, it was time to get moving again. 

Off we went through the forest and fields until we ended close to the starting point in a nice amphitheater for the circles, where many down downs were provided for transgressions on trail. 

The hares were given some congratulatory down downs for a great trail through the wilds of Fürstenfeldbruck.  Several people thought there were not enough mountains, swim stops, drink stops or Swedish bikini teams, but we all agreed it was a great shitty trail.

Goat Fucker then proceeded to give us his life story.  I will try to summarize, he was born, grew up and then moved around a bit until he finally found himself in Munich.  He is mostly straight, unless the right offer comes along and he seems to have good teeth.  We gave him a down down. 

Likkm was visiting again.  He declared that he has been hashing since the Oktoberfest was a horse race and there were fewer tourists, so we gave him a down down. 

Baggy and Half Monty have been arriving early to hashes recently.  It is a sign of the apocalypse so we gave them down downs.

Of course there were more for the hares, as they were worried that no one would make the long trip to Fürstenfeldbruck.

Birdbrian got a down down for making the long trip to Fürstenfeldbruck from Amsterdam. 

Pussy Riot, Likkm, Just Matthew and Come In Handy did not swim at the impromptu swim stop. 

Just Dani was accosted on trail and did not jump into the waiting van, so she got a down down.

It is almost Half Montys birthday, but not wanting to give him bad luck we gave him an unbirthday down down. 

Kuma Yuda got a down down for leaving ass photos on Half Montys phone. 

Broke Back of course overachieved again by running all the way to the hash.  He was also leaving wet spots for Debbie to sit in. 

Just Tom got a down down for wanting a nice name. 

Just Darren, Just Matthew and Goat Fucker got down downs for being FRBs. 

There were many more down downs given out and we went off for dinner (or most of us)

ONON to Hash #769.