Hares: B.M.W, Betty Boop
Hounds: Speedo Gonzales, Bottom Blower, Moose Diver, Mrs. Moose, Whips, Lashes, Debbie does Frankfurters, Poor me, water!, Not in this Cult, KumaYuda, Anal Weiss, Just Robert, Gay Sailor, Loose Nutz, BrokeBack MountMe, Goat F*cker, Virgins Just Antonio & Just Thomas
Our hares Betty Boob and B.M.W. laid trail in the northern outskirts of Starnberg. This was a bit of a last minute compromise solution as their original plan to send us down to the Isar got interrupted by flooding. Why did the RA not stop the rain that caused the floods?!
We set off on time after intensiv chalk talk for our virgins. Well, only one virgin was present at the time. The other one was lost somewhere between us and Munich because of train service failure. PoorMe,Water was said to have super train powers (being a conductor’s daughter). But even she did not stand a chance against MVG /DB. From now on and forever she shall be held responsible for anything train related.
Anyway, the pack took off north west(ish?) through swamps and along fields of wheat (the farmers weren't too happy about it); going up and down, but mostly up. Especially after checks, the only way was up. Kuma Yuda was so kind to help the elderlies cross the road, who later took their chance to short cut to arrive at the same with the front running bastards Anal Weiss, Just Robert, Kuma Yuda, and Virgin Antonio at the drink stop.
At the drink stop we were joined by Goat F*cker who came running from hell knows where from, the woods? Erding? Giessing? Some other station in the middle of knowhere? Apparently, he could easily locate us, because we made so much noise. And I though we were tiptoeing through the woods. Anyway, there was booze for everyone. Teeny weeny bottles of sweet delicious liquor, which Betty Boob and Anal Weiss misused to attract the men, or as mosquito repellent. It worked one way but not the other. Out of the sudden Debbie does Frankfurters appeared at the drink stop. She came running the trail in opposite direction.
Our trail back home was a quick steep downhill. Some people werde were actually quite happy to leave this mosquito haunted place with the stunning view. We met up at the circle place and some very late late cummers finally arrived; Broke Back Mount Me, Gay Sailor, and Virgin Thomas. The hares had their first down down for shitty trail: too short for DdF, not enough checks for BBMM, not enough running up-hill for some, not enough mosquitos for others.
We had virgins, we had virgins, on the trail: Just Antonio from Nipples. Cyber Sex mad him cum this day. He found us on MeetUp and was amazed/amused by the FAQs. Lou Snutz was just too pleased to find out the Virgin was single. Well, what else would you expect from a virgin. The other virgin was just Thomas from Bremen. He was one of the two Thomas’s on trail, but I’ll come to that later. The poor lad had to run all the way with BBMM. We were glad he made it to the circle and didn’t collapse. Virgins had to be schooled, and Bottom Blower was the chosen one to tech them (after DdF and Gay Sailor refused). Just Antonio turned out to be a naturally born hasher (drinker). He can balance his mug on his head (who said head?).
And so the circle commenced. At first, all the late cummers were called, far too many to mention here now. PoorMe did not fulfil her duty to ensure trains running on time, or running at all.
KumaYuda, Betty Boob, and PoorMe seemed to have different family values than our well respected RA as they kept on interrupting him when he virtually met his family on the phone. Speaking of the RA: he almost forgot to mention the visitors Whips & Lashes from Colombo. MooseDiver (also a visitor) made them cum. One more down down for the RA.
Married couples were called into the circle for Love on trail. Not a good place for making love, though, too many mosquitos. Virgin Just Antonio pointed out that the plural of bambus is bambi, which Bottom Blower ate. Lou Snutz was a very eager singer. DdF wanted to wrestle Goat F*cker Sumo style. The beermeister got accused for something I do not recall (there might have been some alcohol involved that completely blurs my memory). There was a down down for all the Germans and their terrific sense of humour.
The RA noticed KumaYuda’s, Betty Boob’s, and Anal Weiss’ inappropriate usage of liquor at the drink stop. Down down for them. But it did keep the mosquitos away. After all it was all the RA’s fault we had to run in the swamp due to Isar flooding.
Lou Snutz and Bottom Blower got their down down for best short cutting ever: they used to be behind, suddenly the were upfront. Just Antonio being an eager drinker just accused himself (for not drinking enough?). One question that puzzled all: Why were PoorMe, Water and Gay Sailor wearing white leggings in this heat?
The second Thomas on trail was actually Just Robert, but Robert and Thomas are just randomly interchangeable names. So Just Robert got a down down for not being called Thomas (Bottom Blower one for calling him Thomas), and for letting his wife doing his job.
The circle finished with an announcement: NoctoberFest is taking place on September 26th. It is gonna be like OctoberFest but without the fun.
That was it. Quite a lot of us buggered off to have some pizza in a nearby restaurant.
On On…