[Webmeister notes: Initially I was tempted to edit this, not least replacing "Just Peter" with B3, but then I couldn't be arsed felt that the article should be left in its pure, raw form. It is for the RA to judge whether failing to recognise a named hasher, the hare no less more, is worthy of beery punishment]

MH3 - Run 799 in Fürstenfeldbruck on 18 September 2021

In a moment of youthful ill-judgement after run 799, ComesInHandy chose Just David to be your scribe of the day.

My apologies for the tardiness of my response - you may be forgiven for suspecting I "write" even more slowly than I "run", but I have now deciphered my scribblings...

The Hares were Just Peter (not so much a hare as a PeterRabbit with local knowledge, which he used to try to lose the hounds) and BirdBrain. A charge was raised against the hares. The accusation was that there was no clear track in the woods and thus several Hansel and Gretel became lost. However, this charge quickly petered out (in typical MH3 fashion, no one had energy to keep a charge going).

Several Virgins were sacrificed in traditional ritual fashion by the RA

Uncle Albert (aka KumaYuda) was a FRB.

Keeping up the tradition of Shakespeare, RA berated all the many “blacks” present for their dark attire.

[How now, you secret, black and midnight hags (Macbeth 4.1)]

Golden Pedicure was charged because of her jugs. Even the GaySailor had noticed said jugs!

After this excitement the scribbling scribe returned to his drunken stupor and wrote no more.
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