Re-hash Run 801 – Unterföhring (15:00 Saturday 2nd October 2021)
Hare: Not in this Cult
Hounds: Speedo Gonzales, Comes in Handy, Bottom Blower, Poor me water!,
Anal Weiss, Baggy Snatch, Birdbrian, Cherry Licker, BWM,
BitteBollenBugger, JustDavid(the Arizona one - henceforth "Czech My
Cactus"), JustDavid(the Scottish one), JustOli, JustBarnabás (aks
JustBarney), JustTobias, JustBulbul
Walker: JustEllie
Non Starter: JustThomas
1. The Run...
The weather was sunny, the route was fabulously scenic, like an
experienced chef the hare used just about the right amount of flour and
the hare laid the trail pretty well.
Despite this on the way a sizable number of us hares missed one arrow
and went for a long riverside ramble.
We shall try to "learn from the arrows of our ways".
There was some short-lived excitement running through the woods when
Speedo Gonzales reported seeing a snake in the bushes.
Many people "ran" on their own, but Cherry Licker did it with her dog.
The virgin JustEllie was today's solo "walker", but she finished before
many of us "runners", thus proving once again that the more we "train"
with MH3, the slower we become.
At the end of the "run", I was like a man escaping a sauna - I ran out
of steam.
2. After run meeting...
After the "run" was finished the Swiss first-time virgin JustThomas
arrived - so much for Swiss timing!
JustBulbul didn't drink as much as many, but it was all wine. She proved
she likes to whine.
JustOli said he is Belgian and "the UK has good chips, but only if you
are drunk"
(at that point most of us longed for a bag of british chips)
BirdBrian sung a solo song Canadian style... proving he runs even better
than he sings.
There was a charge against JustDavid(the Scottish one) for having no
hash clothes. Bottom Blower offered to remedy his sartorial digression.
The RA: Not in this Cult carried out the ritual with the 4 virgins
present (JustOli, JustBarney, JustEllie and JustThomas)
He then carried out the baptism of JustDavid(the Arizona one) who was
born again as "Czech My Cactus"*.
Most "runners" then moved on to an Indian Restaurant for the On-In.
On on !
(the FlailingScotsman who Runs Out Of Steam)
*Webmeister notes: There was an onomastic disagreement between the RA and GM - should it be Czech My Cactus or Tschech My Cactus? This argument was won by the Webmeister who published the re-hash as he saw fit.