ReHash #870 Michaelibad - A tale of setting expectations
Hares: Birkencock, Asskey, Just Rebecca
RA: Comes In Handy
Hash Scribe: Mother Fucking Teresa
This shall be a rehash of what was announced by Asskey as the „best one yet“ hash. Speaking of expectations: this rehash is written by a German, so expect it to be most accurate and not funny, however „the best one yet“. A few remarks before the notes (or what can still be identified) start.
As soon as Michaelibad was announced Last Koch Standing couldn’t hold back his excitement, that finally after “oh so many years (or what feels like it)”, there is finally a trail being set again in his backyard. Golden Pedicure on the other hand got very excited about blue dick mountain memories and the reminiscing was quickly joined by Not In This Cult and Backdoor Brooke.
It must be for these reasons that 40 hashers of all ages (real and hashwise) came out to check trail. We gathered, Last Koch Standing held is promise and brought a penis for Golden Pedicure and Backdoor Brooke again, a Pink one this time it was and off we went to check for flour, to short cut, to stop to sing and to drink. It is said said the trail brought us to unseen parts of Munich. Maybe we should head east more often?
Fast forward to circle… This is what happenend according to my notes (or what can still be identified):
- Hares Asskey, Birkencock and Just Rebecca were given gifts. If you want one, step forward and volunteer with our hare razor Asskey to lay trail in a location of your choice.
- Circle helpers Birdbrian, Backdoor Brooke and Mother Fucking Teresa deserved a downdown to be prepared for their jobs.
- Hares again „S-H-I-T-T-Y”
- Just Rebecca for head gear in the circle. Note: when february feels like april, no head gear is allowed in circle. „If one hare drinks, all hare drink!“
- Virgins Just Cindy and Just Jürgen were introduced and being taught how to have a proper down down. Also how to eat candy. Life advice #1: Never take candy from old men! „We’ve got virgins…”
- Visitors: Spicy Beaver Tbilisi H3 who is gagging for it and Yoron Weed from Stuttgart H3 who was so desperate, he made his beer come.
- Backsliders: Devils Three Way, Das Cunt, Breaking Water, Vampire mummy, Last Koch Standing were reminded how to down down. „Oh where were you last week?“
Head "Who said head?" count for On After: Just Rebecca has two personalities.
- FRBs: Just Kevin, Pussy Riot, Just Raja, Goat Fucker, Half Monty, Birkencock, Just Mike, Just Seb. The Scribe wonders: How many FRBs does it take to be a serious running club? And how come a hare is a FRB?
- It was Birdbrians birthday last week, so we sang him Hashy Birthday and he got to wear a silly hat. Friendly note: tthis is your chance to send him your belated wishes, if you haven’t done so yet.
- Speaking of did we turn into a running club yet? The answer is no! As some apparently have to go on a serious long run before the hash: Just Rebecca hence was today's self announced Queen oft he walkers trail and… if „One hare drinks, all hare drink!“
- Let’s keep our focus on Just Rebecca who has been Just Rebecca for just too long and hence won’t be that any longer. Strip off your former personality. Henceforth and forever more Munich H3 shall be your home hash and you shall be known as Piss Spice.
- 2023 Rewards for those who didn’t recieve it yet: Goat Fucker „best rent boy“, Just Raja „most normal man“, Muddy Rucker „drunkest at halloween hash circle“, Betty Boob „best pole dance“, Poor me, water! „most hashes in 2023“ (26 out of 28 – Oh, get a life!)
- Mother Fucking Teresa apparently was seen short cutting. Life advice #2: don’t hash harder, hash smarter! You are welcome. As the new fresh haberdasher, she used the chance for a fashion announcement. She takes your money and gives you hash gear.
My notes are getting really cryptic here… Only the great G knows what happened. So make up your own story of these and always remember: never let the truth get in the way of a good down down.
4Canadians, GP and BB begging for penis, visitor just got out of prison his asshole full of…, GS Obstler bottle, hares again, good charge!, Yoron Weed playgound, germans have no sense of humor, dogs, hares again, Anal play promise, hares again, no clue why, over achievers, NYC, Backdoor no virgins, short pants, no pants, name confusion, all sailors, to Braai or not to Braai…
Swing Low!!!
By Mother Fucking Teresa