Not sure what Hash number.
Circle time started with a bag, with the RA immediately (accidentally?) knocking over the beer-meister's beer. Once this tomfoolery had been resolved, the hares for this week's hash were called upon for punishment - Goatfucker, and Brokeback-Mount-Me, beautifully assisted by Pour Me Water (substitued later in the evening by a look-a-like after mysteriously disappearing to the Starkvier Fest - thank you Rasputin) for the wankers. 
Feedback for the route ranged from too long (thank you MFT), to "worth it" (not sure why), Smoke Stack succinctly determining "it sucked", and the most heinous allegation of all - "not enough (virgin) goats".
We welcomed 3 virgins: Laura from Dusseldorf, Just Jenny made another lady come, and a bloke. All 3 prefer it crunchy, and luckily for this kennel, all 3 are single and gagging for it...
Additionally we were graced with 3 visitors: 1 from Regensburg, 1 Put It Elsewhere (who could not decide if they come from Regensburg oder Nürnberg (weird)), and finally We Willy Wanker from Stuttgart. Bird Brian gave us a solo rendition of My Girlfriend's a Carpenter, to welcome the guests, which was extremely moving.
At this point the light failed and although the RA provided passable weather, he had not thought ot bring illumination. Asskey to the rescue with a torch.
Backsliders were suitably punished, Just Girl (a virgin, name not memorable/scribe didn't pay attention), someone with curly hair, and Goggle Glasses? According to the atrocious notes there may have been a fourth. 
Not only backsliders were to be publicly humiliated though, those who deemed time not be relevant to them and turned up late were shamed - Backdoor Brooke SHAME! Bird Brian SHAME! Bird Brian's excuse involved gardening? and possibly flying home to roost.
Interestingly enough, of the running hares one hare decided to lead?! and the other to sweep (up the slowies). Interesting choice of hare positioning, it was punished.
Just Kevin and Backdoor Brooke were punished for "some shit" including chatting up the "metal throwers", and Birkencock declined one of the drinks stops, even though he is Beermeister?! because of the lame excuse of running intervals. Weirdo. Further punishment was given to "a bunch of people" for not having hash gear - please see the Seamstress (possibly MFT?) to not be punished in the future. 
Finally, MFT held up the reputation of all women who traditionally may offer up requests for marriage each leap year day, by going for a run on the 29th February. Apparently there were others, but the circle was crumbling apart at this point. No more notes were taken beyond "Had enough, good luck, much love", and with that same sentiment, I sign out - Piss Spice ❤️