• The symbols drawn for the chalk talk were upside down
  • There was no sweeping for the first part of the run
  • So, right away everyone got lost and ended up running along the last stretch of the ON IN
  • One of the hares announced, mid-run, that a false trail mark doesn't necessarily mean that you should go back to the check [Hash Scribe's note: It does]
  • The hares couldn't find the drinks they'd cached for the drink stop
  • Marks would "suddenly" appear after we had run past them

It's clear that RU Ass Putin and Pussy Riot are really getting better at haring.

Comments from other hashers ranged from:

  • "It was, without doubt, the worst trail ever run" - Goat Fucker, who clearly hasn't been with us very long


  • "If you're not shitting yourself, it's a good trail" - Birdbrian, who didn't actually reveal if he found it was a good trail or not [Hash Scribe's note: It wasn't].

As well as the actual trail, it was the weekend when an Englishman, who converted a lot of Celtic pagans to Christianity, was celebrated ... by the Irish. So a lot of us, but not all, wore green, and quite a few also wore tutus in honour of St Patrick [Hash Scribe's note: being an old school Catholic it is unlikely that he would wear such a thing; except being also a Bishop, it wouldn't surprise anyone if he did.]

Fittingly, the Religious Advisor arranged for it to rain a little bit just at the beginning (in comparison to Ireland, England is a desert) followed by sunshine. 

In the circle there was a virgin (whose name I neglected to record) made to come by Gay Sailor. There were also two visitors, Gay Achin and another (also whose name I neglected to record), from Okinawa and Boston respectively.

There were a few backsliders, Just Mark (or Marc) was late. Quite a few of us have hashed, or have run a marathon, in Japan. As always there were some disrespectors (not wearing hash gear/not having their well-earned hash mug). And there were walkers.