To celebrate the most important event in the Christian calendar we had ... another hash run.

But even before that Squirrel Style had asked for some run details to be more accurately described to placate the Germans. Seriously, it's 2024 and we no longer generalise. But stereotyping a nation of 80.4 million people is something a Serbian would do. Actually Betty Boop and Billy Boy as well as some other Germans had contacted us for more accuracy.

Keeping with Christian traditions there were virgins: Just Vaidehi, Just Rai, Just Gabriel and Just Catrinel. And there were people in, or partly in, costumes: Piss Spice, BMW and Betty Boop. Nothing celebrates the death and resurrection of the Saviour than dressing as a Furry.

Yoron Weed was visiting with French Kisser (his dog), who later inappropriately did what it does best with a virgin.

There were backsliders and late-comers.

There was a chalk talk where the RA was astonished to hear that the runners should ensure to keep together so they all arrive at the HF (Hash Flash - photo stop) together. "But that's the hares' responsibility" Needless to say, the pack didn't keep together - by a long way.

Also it emerged that there were no false trails from a check point. 

On the trail there was an E/T - eagles and tortoises. Obviously most chose the tortoise option.

Until that point Ring My Pussy was diligently sweeping but then she and Squirrel Style disappeared. As a result, and because of the poorly marked course, we couldn't work out where true trail was. Eventually we found it ("and then all we did was pound it") and reached an "E" where we had to look for Easter chocolates.

A bit further on and we had a "DS" - not a drink stop but a dance stop. Ring My Pussy introduced a few Irish dance moves to us and some didly didly didly music. Ironically, the only two who didn't participate had real connections to Ireland (Irish or lived there for many years). 

On the trail several people POT but the RA was worried about Loose Nutz's hydration levels - because he didn't - he was given a down-down in the circle for not POT-ing.

Have you ever watched German TV? It's rubbish, full of dull, boring people. Bottom Blower, our GM, was on it just before our St Patrick's Day participation.

She also announced that the registration for the 2024 Oktoberfest was open.

The hares catered for the walkers by not having a walker's trail, then panicking when there was a walker and driving her to the drink stop where she then has a sumptuous carrot cake.

As well as cake, at the drink stop there was alcohol and a tour of a rather gothic jewellery exhibition.

After the drink stop a bit more running, then the circle where most of the infringements mentioned above were duly punished.

The Religious Advisor was unfairly berated for not have perfect, dust free weather. The Webmeister was also unfairly berated for not having a perfect attendance-notification setup (any similarity between the RA and WM was purely co-incidental).

Do you know what the name is for people who are more miserable than the British? Germans. Yes they scored lower in the recent World Happiness Report.

Special shout-out to Piss Spice who, as well as dressing as a furry was also the Biermeisterin.