The Christmas Glühwein "run"

When: Saturday, 11th December 2021  (add to calendar)
Time: 15:00 (3p.m.) 
Where: On Galeriestr, follow the trail of flour down this street.
Public transport:

U-bahn Odeonsplatz,  exit North end and follow trail of flour to Galeriestrasse.

On-after: None, due to the worsening Covid situation.
Hares: Bottom Blower, Loose Nutz
Type of run: A to A Hash.
Covid precautions 
The infection numbers are worryingly high in Munich. So:
  1. This is a 2G event - you must be able to prove that you are vaccinated against or recovered from Covid. Bring that proof with you in case we end up somewhere (e.g. a restaurant) requiring it.
  2. take a self-test (Antigen-schell test) before you come to our run - just to make sure.
  3. maintain social distancing and good hygiene at all times.
  4. bring exactly €7 for hash cash (to cover extra costs of the Glühwein).
  5. if you are unwell do not come.
  6. read our Covid-19 precautions and check the guidelines on www.muenchen.de.
  7. let us know if you are coming.
But there are no Christmas markets I hear you say.. so..
Bottom Blower and Loose Nutz will create our own Christmas Glühwein Markets, just for you.
This may be stretching it a bit.
There will however be G-Spots, sorry Stops, to observe ..and . we WILL on our honour offer the Glühwein around the G-spots, sorry stops.
*/Bring your own Glühwein Drinking vessel /*, you may even fancy bringing your own G-tipple in a flask.
*/Please also bring your Santa hats/* and any other festive attire which shows your yearning for revelry in these drab and dreary days.
Due to the aforementioned stretch, the trail may darken towards the end, so you may wish to bring a torch.
Now as already insin you ate it ........ this is is a 3G spot trail !!! and you may even, if lucky, be asked to prove you have one of them: such as "Geimpft" .
All other social distancing and masking is to be adhered to according to the the current stipulations of the Bavariable State, the country regulations, the new Government´s changes,
the time of day and the mood of the pub/kiosk/restaurant owner. Always keep a QR Code at the ready as later on we run out of bushes!
There will also be Säcks on Trail - but here you don´t need to contribute.